4 Ways To Get Your Body Moving This Season

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What comes to mind when you think of exercising or working out? Your reaction may vary, depending on your experience. One thing remains consistent; as long as you’re basically healthy, moving more will increase your energy. Complex routines or expensive equipment aren’t necessary; here are a few simple ways you can get more movement into your day. 

1. Walk 

Walking is ideal for your overall health, regardless of your age or condition. Even if you need an assistive device, ambulating — moving from place to place — offers countless benefits for the body. At any speed, walking also improves mood and your feeling of connection to the natural and community environment. Be sure you have supportive footwear; a good arch support will make a big difference in your comfort level and decrease your chances of injury. 

2. Dance

Dancing is a pleasurable way to increase your range of motion, burn calories, and get your circulation going. It’s also a great creative outlet. Consider taking an in-person or online class, or get up periodically during the day for a dance break. Dancing with friends and/or loved ones is wonderful, too — and good for your relationships. Try some dance playlists on YouTube or Spotify for inspiration. 

3. Do Housework

Household chores provide lots of functional movement — some activities can burn as many calories as a workout. It’s easy to calibrate your task to your fitness level, and no matter what you choose, the sense of accomplishment is a mental health bonus. 

4. Play With an Animal

Playing fetch with a dog, having your cat chase a feather, or walking shelter animals are a few ways to share companionship — and get a dose of fitness, as well. 

Increasing your movement doesn’t have to be complicated. Work these activities into your day for better health!  


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