Best Dental Tourism Destinations for People with Missing Teeth

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By 2025, dental tourism is set to become a $6 billion industry. More and more patients are seeking dental treatment abroad due to the overwhelming costs in their own countries. With a lack of dental insurance and sky-high prices in most developed countries, it can be really hard to maintain a good standard of dental care. Here are the best dental tourism destinations that you can visit according to your country and why Costa Rica Dental Tourism is leading the list of places to travel for a dental vacations.

  1.     Costa Rica     

In 2015, around 85,000 people traveled to Costa Rica for dental care from the United States and Canada. Around 85% were dental patients seeking care and treatment. Costa Rica has emerged as the number one dental tourism country for Canadians and USA citizens. Dentists in the region are well-trained and run specialists clinics like the Costa Rica Dental Implants Clinic: Sonria Dental Clinic. They are accustomed to foreign patients and maintain a consistent and high standard of care. 

Since Costa Rica is nearby, it is cheaper for Americans and Canadians to travel to the country for dental care. They end up saving thousands of dollars and get to visit one of the most stunning travel destinations in the process. 

  1.     Thailand

Thailand has emerged as one of the best dental tourism destinations for Australians and New Zealanders. They have a great dental industry at affordable prices. Australians prefer to travel to Bangkok to get their dental care due to the lack of dental insurance in their own countries. One of the top-rated clinics includes the Bangkok International Dental Center. 

  1.     Spain

Among European nations, dental treatment is more affordable in Spain. Prices for treatment are low due to severe deflation in the region. The Nart Dental Clinics is popular for people who want to experience the history of the city as well as get treatment. This location is most popular for German, Irish, and British patients who want relatively cheap care.  

  1.     Turkey     

Turkey lies between Europe and Asia, and people can get oral care from experienced professionals. Istanbul has become the main hub for dental treatment in the region with DentGroup clinics. Patients can travel to The Blue Mosque and bask in the architectural wonders. The destination is popular for Middle Easterners, Russians, and Europeans. 

You can choose any of these countries based on the proximity you have to them. This will ensure that the trip is cost-effective for you. 

Dental tourism is a popular trend in many countries because patients continue to realize that they are able to save thousands of dollars by traveling. You can get treatment by specialists from one of the best dental tourism destinations as well as explore the region’s beauty.

If you decided for Costa Rica, contact the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide, and rest assure that you will have all the guidance and help you need.


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