• Israel Figa Talks about Impact of COVID-19 on Aviation Industry


    It has been more than a year now since COVID-19 has been impacted the lives of people all over the world. Ever since it broke out, the population of the entire world has been impacted physically, mentally, financially, economically, or in any way on can think of. Ever since COVID-19 became a pandemic and hit the entire world, people from all over the world talk about its impact on human lives.

    No one can deny the fact now that the pandemic has taken the lives of more than 3 million all over the world and has infected more than 100 million people. Although it is, the biggest deal if one gets infected with coronavirus, the recovery time at max would be 6 weeks, and one can get back to normal after that.

    COVID-19’s Impact on Aviation Sector as per Israel Figa

    Israel Figa, who is known globally for being …

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