• Things That You Should Know About Hair Transplant India



    Even though you have decided to go with the techniques of hair transplant it is extremely important to know a few things beforehand about this surgical intervention. One of the things that people need to know that the surgeons work with hair that you have at the back and the side of the scalp for carrying out this procedure successfully. Although it is one of the most remarkable procedures which are used for restoring hair bit is not magic but practical application which doctors carry out in the clinics. If you have receding hairline you need to take action as early as possible and consult the surgeons to go ahead with this effective technique.

    Candidate for transplant

    A lot of people are considered ideal candidates for hair transplant india such as those with considerable thinning of hair. Males with pattern baldness or receding hairline or people who have lost …

  • 5 Things You Might Not Know About Locum Tenens


    The growth of locum tenens over the last decade has been truly remarkable. What was once thought to be a profession reserved for doctors unable to work in any other environment has become a legitimate and respected part of healthcare. Those of us in the locum tenens industry could not be more pleased. Locum tenens now has such a high profile that it is hard to find healthcare facilities that don’t use locum doctors at least on an occasional basis.

    What about you? Are you a doctor, PA, or NP considering getting into locum tenens work? If you’ve been giving it any thought at all, now would be a great time to contact a recruiting agency or two and learn more about it. To get you started, here are five things you might not know about locum tenens work:

    1. Locums Are Independent Contractors

    For the purposes of taxation and …

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