• Preparing for Christmas: Ideas for Family Caregivers



    Ideas and suggestions to help family caregivers have a stress-free, supported Christmas that helps all members of the family make lovely memories.

    As Christmas quickly comes around, now is the time to prepare for Christmas so that as one of the 7 million family caregivers in the UK, you have everything in place to have a wonderful Christmas with your whole family.

    To help you get that plan in place, here are our top tips for preparing for Christmas as a family caregiver:

    Get Care In Place

    Whether your loved one has nursing care for an hour every day, or you have a live-in carer, now is the time to schedule any help that you do have in for the Christmas period. Christmas is about food and family-time and fun yes, but if you are a family caregiver, it is also about extra help to care …

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