How to Read a CBD Certificate of Analysis

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If you’re going to be inspecting CBD for its quality it’s very important you are able to do your own research and examine a CBD certificate of analysis provided by the company before you start using their products. Even though these data sheets may seem easy to examine, if you don’t have a background in science it can often be difficult to decipher more on these certificates of analysis. Here is some more info on how you can read the certificate of analysis and what you can expect:

Certificate of Analysis Explained

A certificate of analysis is a formal document that includes lab reports that show off the content of a sample that was sent in for testing. Samples are tested on the levels of cannabinoids and organic compounds that are found in the biomass or extract.

The Information That’s Important

There is a large degree of CBD products on the market today that are incorrectly labeled. To be considered a CBD product it needs to contain 82 120% of the concentration that advertised. With a lab report included, you’ll be able to verify the results of the CBD on the packaging and make sure that it was accurately labeled.

Where to Find Lab Results

Going on the website for the manufacturer and checking into the certificate of analysis, lab reports, lab results or test results section will help you to determine the full analysis of the product are going to take. Many manufacturers also include a QR code on the side of the packaging that will redirect you to a link for the lab report.

When taking a look at the lab report make sure that the potency as advertised on the product is the same as the laboratory report in the certificate. If the results match up, it’s likely that you’re getting a verified product.

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