How to minimize the cost of your prescription

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Is your medication too expensive? Here are some tips that will help you reduce the cost.

Patient assistance programs

Patient assistance program might help you get access at a reduced cost. These programs are designed to help the most in-need patients get access to subsidized medication, which they may otherwise be unable to comfortably access.

Getting help might be as simple as filling an application form with your doctor’s help. Even though the eligibility requirements for these programs vary across manufacturers, they usually require that you reside in the United States and satisfy certain financial requirements.

Copay assistance programs

These popular programs are designed to help patients access expensive medicare at lower costs. They are available only for insured patients and target a reduction of out-of-pocket payments. The cards are used by patients to offset some or all of the cost of buying certain medications.

Patients include the cards alongside their prescriptions at their pharmacy of choice, which then deducts the co-pay amount from their total cost. The manufacturer will cover the cost of reduction from the co-payment.

Copay assistance programs offer reduced prices to the right medication, which prevents people from seeking potentially dangerous alternatives. Before looking to use copay assistance programs to reduce the cost of your prescription, check whether you are eligible for a deduction with your current insurance plan.

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Discount Cards

They are offered by state health organizations, manufacturers, large stores and non-profit organizations, and can be accessed over the internet to reduce the cost of your prescription.

Discount cards are more limited than copay coupons, and may only be used at specific pharmaceutical outlets. The difference brought about by the price reduction is mitigated by the organization that offers the specific discount card.

You should understand the minimum requirements before using a discount card to make sure that it will actually result in a discount.

You may also need to research its authenticity and tread carefully when paying upfront fees for access. In some cases, the fees might be more than any savings you might make on any medication you buy.

Even with a discount card, you should consider generic alternatives. They are as effective as brand-name medicine, and may even be cheaper than the discounted price. Your discount card may cover some generic medicine.

Generics and OTC options

Some generic and OTC medication may serve you as effectively as your original prescription. They cost less than the original medication and are easily available.

Before opting for generics and OTC alternatives, you should contact your doctor to make sure that the drug is right for you.

Final thought

These tips will help you access medication at reduced prices. You can get reduction cards from the manufacturers’ websites or your doctor. If you still feel that the cost is unreasonable, you could consider generics and OTC medication.

Remember, you should not follow these tips at the expense of your doctor’s advice.


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