Is Victoza really that good for weight loss?

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If you are struggling with the combination of Diabetes and weight loss, Victoza is your solution. It is an injectable medicine prescribed to adults with type 2 diabetes. The generic name is Liraglutide. While it was primarily designed to treat type II diabetes, it has exceptional benefits to people suffering from obesity, therefore, used as a weight loss medication.The impact of this drug can be seen as early as 2weeks.

The medication is administered through an injection under the skin (subcutaneous). The recommended areas to inject are the front of the thighs, the front of your waist in the abdomen area, or the upper part of the arm. It should never be injected into a vein or muscle.

The injection can be given any time of the day with or without meals. It’s best to have a routine so that you remember to take at the same time every day. The worst thing you can do is to use it rapidly which leads to weight loss plateau. Your daily activities and meals are not in any way related.

Take the medication as soon as you remember in case you miss a dose. Do not take two doses at one at any given time, even if it is almost time for the next scheduled dose.

The cost of this drug has proved to be on the higher side especially for people without medical plans. Some pharmacy coupons and cash prices offer lower bargains.

Most distributors and drug vendors have coupons that come in handy for those who cannot access insurance plans and government funding. You should always ask for subsidy and discount from vendors.

Possible side effects

There are very rare cases of overreaction. You should stop using Victoza immediately and get in touch with your caregiver if you experience any of these symptoms:

•    Nausea, diarrhea or constipation

•    Heartburn

•    Loss of appetite

•    Headache           

•    Runny nose, sneezing or cough

•    Fatigue

•    Rash or redness at the injection site

•    Difficulty urinating or painful urinating

Studies have shown that the degree of gastrointestinal discomfort is modest than in other conventional drugs.

Always consult your caregiver in case you are taking any other medication. Victoza should not be mixed with insulin in the same injection. You can give insulin and Victoza at one time but not next to each other.

Do not share Victoza pen with others even if the syringe has been changed to avoid getting a serious infection or give other people a serious infection.

It is also recommended that first to prior use, store Victoza in a refrigerator between 36 degrees Fahrenheit to 46 degrees Farenheight. After initial use, the pen can be stored for 30 days at room temperature or in a refrigerator.

A better way to use this drug is to have other weight loss therapies in place. These should include exercise, a healthy diet, and intermittent fasting.

Combining these will increase the total amount of weight loss and lead to long-lasting outcome. You should not rely solely on the medication.


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