Walking is great for both mind and body

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Walking is a great way of getting fit as well as meaning that you spend some precious time in the outdoor environment. Nature has a great way of helping us to feel more aligned to the world and calmer than we were before we set foot outside the door.

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It is important to ensure that you have the right clothing for a nice long walk and some sturdy shoes. If you are planning on walking the colder autumn and winter months then you should look at investing in some Aran Sweaters that will keep you nice and warm whilst still allowing you to look stylish.

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Walking has a positive impact on a number of areas of our bodies. It helps to tone and strengthen our muscles, particularly those of our legs and lower back. It can help with the everyday stiffness that can set in, especially if you are someone who sits for long periods of time at a desk each day for work. It is also a good cardiovascular exercise and you can increase the level of this by walking faster or on more of an incline.It also helps with our respiratory systems and keeps our lungs strong and healthy.

As well as having all these positive effects on our physical body, walking can also have a great impact on our mental health as it allows us time to get out of our surroundings as well as decompress from the stresses and strains of the day.


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