Why Regular Skin Cancer Checks Are a Must

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Healthcare professionals recommend a yearly skin cancer check to look for any areas on your skin that could be cause for concern. Millions of cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year around the world, making this form of cancerone of the most common types. By makingan annual appointment for a skin cancer check, you’ll be putting the health of your skin at the top of your list of priorities. Read on to learn why getting your skin checked could be the smartest move you ever make. 

Identify Skin Cancer Early

During your skin cancer evaluation, a medical professionalwillconduct a comprehensive assessment of your skin, including areas you would not normally be able to check on your own. This allows them to look for signs of skin cancer so it can be caught early, making chances of successful treatment more likely.  A skin cancer check typically covers every area of your skin, such as the delicate skin on and behind your ears. Your scalp is also an area of focus. You might think that your hair provides enough protection for your head, but you would be surprised to learn that skin cancer is actually quite common on the scalp, especially if your hair is thin or you’re starting to go bald.

A close inspection of your back is also a priority. Your doctor may even include the private areas of your body to look for any warning signs that you may have skin cancer. If you get through your exam without any problems, you should continue to take care of your skin by wearing protective clothing and applying sunscreen.

Monitor Unusual Moles and Keep Track of Changes

A skin cancer check looks for anything unusual on your skin, such as:

  • New moles
  • Moles that are larger than a quarter of an inch in diameter
  • Moles that aren’t one uniform colour or that have strange colours like blue, white or red
  • Moles that aren’t symmetrical
  • Moles that have ragged or irregular borders

Your medical professional will pay close attention to any unusual moles that may indicate melanoma. Melanoma is the most severe form of skin cancer, as it can spread to other organs in your body. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is keyin order totake control of this serious condition.

In addition to looking for moles and tracking them over time,your skin will also be checked for growths that are painful, swollen or tender. Any scaly patches that continue to flake away without ever healing are a particular concern. If you have sores that bleed without ever getting better, point them out.

Maintain Your Health

Most people have an annual physical to check their overall health, so it makes senseto also have an annual skin cancer check to maintain your health. A skin cancer check allows you to stay on top of anything that could cause concern to your health. Skin cancer may be the most common form of cancer in the country, but you can do something about it when it’s discovered early. In the best case scenario, you won’t become a victim.


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