Smart Options for Choosing the Right Dentist Now

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You are about to find a new dentist. Maybe you are not satisfied with the services of your current dentist or are you moving? Making a choice is not always easy, what do you have to pay attention to when choosing a dentist? In this article we give you some useful tips for searching for a new dentist in Chattanooga.


Find a dentist nearby. In this way you prevent that you spend extra time and money on a dental visit. Are you going to move, for example? Then it is possible that because of the good relationship of trust with your current dentist you still want to make the ride to your old home.

Yet it is not unwise from a cost-technical point of view to look for a good dentist in the neighborhood, where you might build up just such a good relationship of trust. Also from a medical point of view, for example for receiving emergency care, it is nice to have the dentist in the neighborhood.


Whether a dentist delivers high-quality treatments cannot be directly deduced from the BIG register in which all dentists are registered. If a dentist dysfunctions for a long time, the inspection will only be taken care of. A good way to find out whether the dentist you have in mind is well-regarded is to talk to local residents who are already customers at that dentist. The service is often in order with positive appreciation, but above all communication will go well.

A classic and also effective way to see if a dentist suits you is simply to go along for an introductory meeting. You can then check if it clicks. Personal horror stories of people are in many cases also subjective, you hear different stories then it may be worthwhile to arrange an introductory meeting yourself.

Is a new practice reliable?

A new dental practice will be opened in your neighborhood. How do you know if these dentists deliver sufficient quality? Here again an introductory meeting offers a solution. Do the dentists have enough experience? Most dentists who start their own practice have a few years of practical experience. Even if they do not have experience, starting dentists are sufficiently qualified now that they have graduated.


You do not have to pay more attention to the tariff. The tariffs have been set by the government again since 2013. All dentists therefore apply the same rate. The rates depend on the type of treatment.

Although the rates have been fixed by the government, dentists can perform the same treatment in different ways. The rates can therefore vary depending on which techniques are applied. Not all dentists have the same equipment. If it is not clear how much a treatment will cost, you can request a budget of the costs from your dentist.

Find a dentist online

On the internet it is of course also possible to find a dental practice. This is not always easy, now that many specialists are working who each deal with a specific dental problem. On you can find a dentist in the neighborhood and select on specialism. Information is also given about the rates and explains what specific treatments exactly entail.

Contracted dental care

A number of health insurers make agreements with dentists about, among other things, the price and quality of the care provided. The premium is therefore kept as low as possible, but you are limited in your free choice so you cannot just go to any dentist. So make sure that the dentist you have in mind is also reimbursed by your additional dental insurance. If you choose to go to a non-contracted dentist, you may receive no or a lower reimbursement at all.


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