Varicose veins – can they be treated?

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As we become more and more sedentary in our lifestyles, there are more instances of people suffering with varicose veins. When we spend large amounts of time sitting at the Next Day delivery desks that you can find from and ignore their advoice to regular get up and walk around and stretch, the likelihood of developing varicose veins in later life increases. Equally standing still for long periods of time can also cause problems with the veins. Generally it is important to ensure that you move around regularly each day and go for a walk to help with the health and condition of your cardiovascular system which includes the veins throughout your body.

They are a result of blood being unable to circulate correctly around the body and so pooling in some areas, usually the legs and feet can occur. This results in varicose veins and can also cause swelling of the feet and ankles.

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At the first sign of these unsightly veins appearing you can follow some simple self help tips to help improve them. These include:

  • Walking around instead of standing still
  • Taking regular exercise throughout the day
  • Sitting with your legs raised when you are resting

There are a number of common surgical treatments that can be used for troublesome varicose veins such as heat sealing the affected vein, using a foam that closes the vein completely and surgery that removes the vein that has been affected.


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